One Love

A couple of nights ago I had a vivid dream with one of my greatest idols – Mr. Robert Nesta Marley. That night I watched a documentary about his life on Youtube and soon after I went to sleep. I remember getting surprised by all the things he have done in life – all the places he performed, the number of albums he recorded and how involved and committed he was to his Life Purpose.

Needless to say I love his songs and that deep connection comes from back in the days when I used to listen to his songs on Buzios Radio Station on the way from Cabo Frio to Buzios, in Rio de Janeiro, to be more exact. I was such a fan of that radio station that one day I asked my parents to take me there. I guess I was 11 or 13 years old back then.

After watching that documentary, I went to sleep but woke up at 6 AM out of a sudden as if there was something about happen. Since there was nothing wrong around me or anything to be concerned, I fell asleep again and out of a clear blue sky I went to meet Bob at the exact time of his passing. It wasn’t exactly like it is said that happened to him, because at that time he had his head shaved due to the chemotherapy he had to take to fight a type of cancer he carried for years. The Bob I meet in my dream was in his home, surrounded by his friends and family, with the dreadlocks we see on the pictures and he was smiling very peacefully. During that dream I could touch his hands that were resting on top his chest and instead of feeling a cold hand as expected, I felt an immense warmth coming from his hands as if he were there fully alive.

And he is. I understand now how important the rite of passing is to help us comprehend and accept the cycle of life; so we can let go of the past and be open and active in the present moment. Through that dream I could also understood that when we live to serve others our actions become eternal. Bob Marley built his career and his life for the purpose of unifying people and all the races, and the reality in which we live nowadays makes his purpose more vivid than ever before. That also makes his music more alive than ever. He continues to live every time we sing and dance to his creations. More than ideas and intentions what really transcends time and space are our actions of service to others.

— How can I serve you better today? —

While I was writing this article a friend of mine called me from the East Coast and we had an amazing conversation about connection. Life has its unique ways to bring us lessons and shower us with love and compassion (unexpectedly). Be open and receptive to the gifts of life, I cherish my dream with Bob as I cherish the conversation I had with my friend, there’s no separation – One Love!

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