Saboteur thoughts


What an amazing day to start paying attention to our thoughts. Usually people realize the kind of thinking they have when they try to sit on meditation. Have you ever tried that? If you stop for a moment and be quiet, you’ll realize that your mind is just like a TV show – with many guests, commercials and even bad news (specially bad news). It doesn’t really matter what goes in your mind, but it really matters what you do with these thoughts.

If you pay attention to each one of them, believing them and giving them a meaning, in time they will make your life an horror show. You will start to create lines for a discussion that may never happen; you will feel the pain of an argument that may never occur; you will get divorced; fight; cry; suffer – on a hypothetical future that happens only in your mind. And why would you choose to create that reality for yourself even for a moment, a second… Does it really worth it? If you could change everything and get a recipe for true happiness and peace of mind would you take it?

If your answer is YES, here’s the deal – the recipe for true happiness and peace of mind is:

1- Recognize the thoughts you usually have;
2- Write down each one of them on a piece of paper;
3- Acknowledge where these thoughts come from;
4- Are they your inner voice or they come from somebody you know;
5- Recognize what these thoughts say about your chronic concerns, feelings etc;
6- Recognize how these thoughts are refraining you to have the life you always wanted to live; how they’re stealing your time and energy and finally how they are supporting the life you are living right now; the kind of job you have; the relationships you have with your parents, friends and colleagues and so on;
7- Recognize how your thoughts shape who you are.

I’m pretty sure that the thoughts we have contemplate the values and beliefs we were raised on. They reflect the way we experienced life in our early ages. Our thoughts mirror our self-esteem and the way we relate to ourselves. When you realize that your relationship with yourself is not good, you will notice that by paying attention to your level of energy, your weight, your emotions, your creativity, your relationships and the like. Every aspect of your life transpire the thoughts you have and they tell a lot about you.

Just for today, every time a bad thought pop up in your mind, let it go away and think something positive instead. You are in charge of your mind now. Choose your thoughts wisely and change the show from an unbearable Drama to a praised Biography. What movie of your life are you willing to create right now?


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2 thoughts on “Saboteur thoughts

  1. Let´s go to the extremes. Does this thiking apply to people who are in prison for a long time, or to someone who does not have money to buy food for his family ?

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  2. Hi Carlos! First of all, great question, thank you for sharing your thoughts here. Let’s put like this – the development of the mankind was never a smooth ride. We could only develop and grow as a society because we fought and overcame our own problems. In my personal opinion the person who’s in jail; the people in need; goes through the same mental processes as we all do. What about the people who have panic disorder; depression; anxiety disorder? Aren’t they locked on their own prison? Their own mind? In extreme situations there’s no “powerful affirmation”, but there will always be breathing, being in the moment. The solution for starvation, hopelessness and loneliness is always in the present moment. There’s no way to solve a problem thinking only on the problem. If we let go on the problem and think on the possibilities, so then there’s a new window just right there. Once you start felling confident to open that window, then comes another one, and so on. A positive mind thinking can’t take somebody out of jail, but for sure it can help building positive attitudes and outcomes during the time; it can’t get food right away, but it can help find ways to have it. It all starts inside of us. I’m gonna keep researching how to help people on extreme situations, but I’m pretty sure that a positive mind thinking can change the percecption, can change the feelings and emotions in the moment, and therefore can change the outcomes. ;)


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