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Recently I’ve been noticing that the word “anxiety” and “anxious” have been permeating most of the conversations I’m partaking. For some people anxiety reveals itself as a form of unconformity or discomfort when something doesn’t happen as expected. Some people feel tired or sleepy, others feel their heart beating faster, some people feel shaky, others feel hungry, thirsty, agitated, confused and others even start feeling pain, not to mention migraine, stomachache, dizziness, nausea… In other words, that is the message that our body is sending us telling (or sometimes yelling) that something is not going well and needs to be changed.

has been considered as the 21st century’s disorder. But why do we feel anxious anyway? In the holistic medicine field it is said that the root of anxiety lies on the feeling of fear. And the foundation of fear, in this matter, would be basically not being present in the moment, but rather stuck in the past or overly concerned about the future.

When we are in the moment we are able to acknowledge our power to change the things we dislike and find the desired solutions. In addition, we can be more creative and also be receptive to new ideas and insights widening the view of the current circumstances enabling our capacity to see the big picture and thus breathe and finally relax a bit more. Isn’t it all we need?

One thing we should always consider is that It doesn’t matter what kind of problem you’re facing right now, you can always change the way you see the problem and discover new solutions. Imagine if a friend of yours call you telling the exact same story you’ve been telling yourself recently; what would you say to your friend? What would be your advise for him or her?
You can also start with a “to do” list of the things that are doable for you right now. That itself can help you organize your thoughts and give you more energy and confidence to achieve your goals.

And if you realize you can’t do it alone, it’s perfectly fine to ask for help. I would text a friend, or even look for a supportive group (I love the codependents anonymous); you can also go to a church, a temple, buy some books, call a therapist or a life coach. It doesn’t matter where or how you are going to do that; take a deep breathe and start right now.

The reality that sometimes hurts us and is heavy to carry on is actually the path to bring awareness and build a strong bridge to happiness and success. Nobody grows without taking responsibility over their own actions. So stop blaming on others (God and significant others included); stop complaining, stop bothering; grab a pen and a piece of paper and if you like you can write down the answer for the following questions:

What can you do today to start changing your life? (Write as many answers you can; don’t think too much, it can be anything)

Whenever you finish that list go to the next question:

What is going to be the next step?

You can come up with 10 different answers, choose one that is doable today, then follow through. I’m sure you can do it. You’re accountable for your own life. You are your own best friend; treat yourself with love, patience and respect and start designing the life you want. At the end of the day you’ll be truly grateful for managing your anxieties and fighting your own fears.

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9 thoughts on “Anxiety x Mindfulness

    1. Thank you for sharing with us your way to deal with anxiety. And I totally support your method; sometimes just by going out of home, enjoying the sun light, breathing, stretching, and being completely grateful give us a feeling of fulfillment or peace. Keep it up with the good job, Jaq!


  1. First off all, I have to say that I love everything you write!!! congrats…
    I agree, and I also would put together do exercises, I mean gym, sports, whatever….helps a lot….in a lot of ways…mind and body….
    Just one question: when you say “And if you realize you can’t do it alone”…how do I know this? I mean, how do I know I can’t??? When is time to ask for help??
    Thanks again for your words! XXX

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    1. Hi Pedro! I thank you for your comment. And you are completely right – working out is one of the best ways to balance mind and body. It cleanses our energy, activates our blood circulation, and brings us to the present moment. Now answering your question – one of the ways to discover when it’s time to ask for help is when you feel powerless; when you don’t wanna socialize; when you realize that your life is stuck and you can’t find a way to get out of that stage; when you don’t appreciate the things you use to enjoy; when you can’t control your thoughts; when you can only find reasons to complain; or when life is just boring. Everybody feels like this once in a while, but it’s important to acknowledge when these feelings occur and for how long do they last. Asking for help or better saying looking for a professional support always gives us a new perspective; and sometimes just by having somebody focused on listening to us that encourage us to let out our problems can help us see that there are many other possibilities, in other words – verbalizing helps us listen to our own thoughts, our self talk and the concepts and beliefs that sometimes need to be changed.


  2. I love your words, Natalie! Thanks for sharing these ideas with us!
    I can feel that sometimes anxiety takes over my body. And I feel just lost, with so many emotions inside of me. I am learning now with the help of my life coaching that breathe makes me feel calm and put all my feelings and thoughts in order. That really works for me!

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    1. Hi Roberta! You’re very welcome. Ya anxiety is a natural response for many feelings, but just by being able to recognize when you’re feeling anxious is a great accomplishment. The next step is finding your own solutions to release that symptom. Breathing is one of the best ways to regain control over our emotions and our thoughts. But like Pedro and Jaqueline commented above, by working out, meditating, practicing yoga, in other words, moving our body it’s a great way to lower the effects of anxiety in a long term. Another thing that we can do is eating healthy and controlling the consumption of alcohol, sugar and caffeine. I know it sounds too much to do, but like everything in life it’s just a matter of finding a good balance between old and new habits and discover what works best for YOU. S2


  3. Thanks a lot for sharing all of your words. They made my heart and mind stop for a while and pay attention.
    Always good to know that we have guidance :)


    1. Hi Claudia! Thank you for for your comment. I might say I miss our coaching sessions – besides watching you blossoming, your energy and commitment were the best payment I’ve ever had. Keep it up with the good work.


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